Contra 009 Final - Inevitable.

I was so excited watching the Contra 009 Update 9 at MODDB with the new laser fence for Gen. Townes, mobile defense unit for Gen. Alexander,. Gen. Fai's Tank and tweaked graphics. I makes me wanting to play more not to mention my all time favorite as of now is the Laser General.

Hoping for more tweaks and nerfs to achieve game balance especially in multiplayer, because we do play a lot multiplayer without team. An all out war just like my previous post. It can be 3 to 8 players royal rumble. A wrestling of Strategy and Tactics!

Absence Without Leave

Due to unauthorized absences and the failure to report for re-activation of their records. The following candidates for the EFA Officer Training Course are hereby Discharge from the rooster of cadets

Mani Alexanders

Invuxx Kwai

The Organization of Earth Federal Army Sports is still accepting for local applicants who are into Real Time Strategy Gaming. We are using Cotra MOD - 009 beta 2. This game must be installed with the EA Games Command and Counquer Generals Zero hour 1.04 ver.

If you want to join our community of RTS and want to pursue a career in our tournament. Just head to our facebook page Contra 009 beta 2 and post your inquiries regarding the tournament.

The Cockpit

One of the best thing that gives you the advantage points in any type of game, is the memorization of the keybindings or the hotkeys. You can determine those hotkeys by pointing at the User-interface items, Highlighted characters means a hotkey as shown from the image below. Pointing the mouse at the Dozer will give information about the dozer and the highlighted letter "D" is the hotkey.

Everytime you move your mouse away from the battlefield, you are giving your enemy a split second of advantage.

Always use the keybindings in executing command to your army, and hotkeys when building.


Select a unit
Left click
Add a unit to selection
SHIFT + Left click
Select next/previous unit
CTRL + Left / Right
Select next/previous builder
CTRL + Up / Down
Select all units of currently selected  type on screen
E or Left double click
Select all units of currently selected   type on whole map
Double E
Select all combat units on screen
Select all combat units on whole map
Double  Q
Select all flying units on screen
Select all flying units on whole map
Double W
Create a team
CTRL + number (0..9)
Select previously created team
number (0..9)
Look at previously created team (without selection)
ALT + number (0..9)
Select previously created team and center screen on it.
Double push a number (0..9)
Look at last radar event
Look at Command Center
Quick map scroll
Move mouse, hold right button.
Map scroll
Arrows (up, down, left, right)

How to Control Units
Force attack
CTRL + Left click
Attack Move
Press A, then left click
Guard Area
Press G, then left click
Set waypoints
ALT + Left Click
Set formation
Arrange units in desired formation, select them, press CTRL + F.

Show/hide Players window.
Show/hide command panel.
Show/hide main menu.
Make screenshot.

Save camera position.
CTRL + F-key (F1-F8)
Restore previously saved camera position.
F1 - F8
Select a hero
Rotate camera
To the left - NUMPAD 4
To the right - NUMPAD 6
Zoom out - NUMPAD 2
Zoom in - NUMPAD 8
Restore default camera settings

Message to everybody
Message to teammates.
Set a beacon. 

Grant from the Past

We Just Received a Grant from our former General Haki Kassad. A high moral donation of 400 units for the development of the organization.

The Hierarchy and trainees of the EFA organization are sending their thanks and salute for the support General!

May our Vision of a Unified Earth Federation be a reality! Salute!

This Advertisement of Appreciation is brought to you by 

EFA Sports "Challenge Yourselves"

War of Nations - A Global Martial Law

Something for all of you guys, a rare footage of six countries at war, declaring Martial Law. Mind you a lot of diplomatic protests and Psywars at work here, you may never know because the event was captured by our spy still cameras only.

I rarely see this war, not even in youtube. And I suggest that Players out there who plays Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour - Contra MOD, to try this type of gaming.

An all-out war between all participating players, economy starts at 20k. it is best played if you are in the same shop. So everyone can hear the diplomatic protests and psywars at work and all the gibberish  f%&^*&ck F(&79k B*(ci(*&!!!!! :)

This type of game custom can last 30 minutes to 5 hours. Depending on the skills of the players.

Without further ado .... fuck you Airforce!!!

The Game never came to and end because of game error, but by conclusion the Airforce General November will likely to win this event.

Stay tuned for more gameplay updates brought to you by EFA Sports "Challenge Yourselves"

Nuffnang in-between


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